HCG Cancer Test Kits

This kit allows you to have a simple, convenient way to test for cancer in your body. The test kit is all inclusive. You gather the sample and send the precipitate that forms to Dr Efren Navarro’s clinic*. They run the test for you and then send you the results. It is an excellent marker for you to monitor the progress of whatever approach you are using to get healthy. We used it for monitoring the Gerson therapy that we used. It helps you to understand how your treatment is progressing. The best thing is that this is a non-invasive and highly accurate test that you can run on your own and in the privacy of your own home.

We had a heck of a time running all around to get all the parts, the money order, and shipping this out when we had to do this and thought that others may benefit by having it all in one place.

The procedures are in full color,with step by step instructions that make running this test very easy.

We ran this test about every two months to monitor the status of my wife’s cancer.

Each kit has enough materials to gather a sample for two tests!

Note: Payment of the test ( $55) to Dr. Navarro’s clinic in the Philippines is not included.

See the Required FDA Disclaimer

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