Coffee Enema Products

We have put together the items that we use to prepare our coffee solution for our twice weekly enemas.  Hopefully this will help you to more easily prepare your solution.

Our enema line features the complete enema kit, the replacement catheters, and a specially formulated organic coffee used for detoxification. Coffee enemas have been used for pain relief since World War I and have been used for pain and for detoxification of the liver, kidneys, and pancreas. We supply a stainless steel enema bucket and sterile disposable catheters that are affordable for everyday use. Our coffee has been specially formulated to optimize the detoxification process.

We are constantly updating this line to meet all of your needs. We have decided to make our own bucket hangers so that you don’t have to worry about tipping or spilling. We use a large digital timer that is easy to see to time how long we hold the enema. Recently, we added the thermometer that was made specifically for coffee shop coffee, but attaches perfectly to the side of the stainless can so that we can ensure the enema solution is the right temperature before introducing into the body.

Check back often as we have other products coming to make this process easier for you!

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