Stand up for Dr Burzynski

- Tuesday, November 21, 2017

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We all can make our voices heard by letting the regulators in Texas know what we think about the persecution of Dr Burzynski by going to and sending an email to let them know. They are going to put him on trial again in April to try to shut his innovative cancer clinic down.  Our country and citizens cannot continue to be silent on the outrageous methods that our medical system, FDA and particular the cancer industry use to both eliminate competition from the surgery, chemo, and radiation modalities and continue to perpetrate the lie that this is best available technology.  Please make a difference by making your voice heard.  You can do this by participating above in the Burzynski circumstance, but also in your every day lives with the people that you meet each day.  Most people are unaware and ignorant until they have to face cancer in their own lives or the lives of someone close to them.  We need to voice our opposition to a government that continues to allow the interests of big business to dictate the law of this country


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