Apricot Seeds and Vitamin B-17

- Saturday, November 17, 2018

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After reading Bob Wright's book, Killing Cancer-Not People (Second Edition), I spent some time looking at the recommended websites and products that were written about.  One of those was www.apricotsfromgod.com and the amazing story of Jason Vale and his use of apricot seeds, which contain Vitamin B-17 (the controversial Laetrile or amygdalin), to recover from his aggressive cancer which first came upon him when he was still a teenager.  I purchased some apricot seeds and have been eating 10 to 12 seeds per day, 5 or 6 at a time.  They are very bitter tasting.  Along with the apricot seeds came a DVD which showed Jason's amazing story, including his imprisonment for selling apricot seeds and Laetrile.  The DVD also had World without Cancer, by Edward Griffin.  The World without Cancer video discussed the mechanism by which they think that the nitrilosides in the apricot seeds and from the Vitamin B-17 attack cancer cells in the body.  The video discussed the primary defense against cancer, the pancreatic enzymes released by the pancreas.  As we know that the organs are first compromised in all cancers (refer to Gerson's book on our home page).  Once the pancreas is unable to control the cancer cell, then the theory is that the nitrilosides, if in the body, will control the cancer cell. 

Interesting to me was the discussion in the video about how animals in the wild get nitrilosides from a number of sources (seeds, grasses, etc) and they do not get cancer.  This struck me as I have noticed that many of my friends dogs seem to be coming down with cancer lately.  Edward Griffin suggests that the gradual removal of nitrilosides from our diets as we have moved away from being grazers to the heavy meat and processed diet has caused the increase in cancers.

We are going to continue to eat our apricot seeds and work to eliminate toxins in our environment and diet so as to keep our pancreas healthy.

Have any of you had any experiences to share on this?


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Are you changing your water filters?

- Saturday, November 17, 2018

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One of the things that I notice is that we have great intentions to keep ourselves free from exposure to toxins by using filters on our water.  I have filters on my refrigerator, my shower heads, my bath tub, and the front of my under the sink reverse osmosis unit.  What I have trouble with is changing the cartridge in the filter on a regular basis.  So what I have tried to do is use April and October as my filter changing months.  That way when I scratch my head and wonder when I installed them, then I know when, because I have selected those months to do it.  Now other folks write it down or have the sticker next to the shower or put it on a spreadsheet.  I am not as well organized as I would like to be, so using the two months of the year is something that I typically remember.

Now don't laugh.  I forgot to change them last month and am 12 days into November already.  But I do know that I am late and today I am changing all of my filters out.  Then I go right back to April and October again and stay on my cycle.

Remember why we are filtering our water.  We are eliminating chlorine in the water.  Chlorine combines to form carcinogenic chloramines and chlorohydrocarbon compounds.  Chlorine is toxic.  Our goal is to eliminate as many toxins from entering our bodies.  Toxic accumulation in the liver, kidney and pancreas is believed to be causal in all major diseases.

So pick a method that works for you and change out your filters!


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