Hydrogen Peroxide: A great mouthwash

- Wednesday, November 07, 2018

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I have been using hydrogen peroxide for a few years now as a mouthwash.  I use a 3% food grade product that I create by diluting an 8% solution.  

I brush my teeth prior to using to get the food particles out.  I take the peroxide and swish and swirl it in my mouth for 5 minutes each time.

My teeth and mouth feel really clean after I do this.  I do not see any noticeable whiting effects from this, but I like doing it.

I read that you will eliminate a lot of tooth decay issues and mouth toxins doing this.  I will let you know how that goes.

We have also continued using the 3% food grade hydrogen peroxide around the house and kitchen as a general cleaner.  It works great to clean up after the dogs if they have a mishap and is great on kitchen counter and cutting board surfaces.

We also tried taking the hydrogen peroxide orally in very low doses as is found throughout the literature.  What we learned is that if we had to do that, we could.  However, since the restrictions on eating around the ingestion are so stringent, we found it very inconvenient.  I noticed as well a bit of nausea, but nothing that slowed me down.  

I found the same to be true of the spray into the back of the mouth.  This seems to be a less restrictive way to do it.  The spray bottle I was using was putting too much solution into my mouth and I stopped using it.  I am going to see about finding a bottle that mists a finer spray. 

As we continue looking at the various uses for H2O2, I will let you know what I think.  Share with us your thoughts on any experiences you may have had with this.


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