Joe Ball Company November 2010 Newsletter

Joe Ball Company November Newsletter

Main Event

Hi everyone! We have been working hard this past month to improve our services to you and we have some great news. We have updated our kit so you can run two complete tests. This brings your test costs down to about $20 per test for materials, which is in line with our mission: to provide our products at a low cost. We do expect you to reuse some parts of the kit. Items that are reusable would be the measuring equipment, waste collection beaker, the coffee filter cone, and the remaining chemicals provided.

We have also put together a reorder kit to produce further savings! Our reorder kit ships with a pint of acetone, 2 urine collection beakers, 4 sterile tongue depressors, and the paperwork to send two more USPS envelopes to Dr. Navarro. If you continue to reuse the items from your first kit, you can get the cost down to $10.00 per test!

Some of you may be getting results back and wondering what it means for you. We ask that you contact Dr. Navarro or your physician like one of our customers has already done. This customer was willing to share her email with Dr. Navarro regarding her results. This email highlights what the results indicate and gives a little insight on how to use the test.

Our Customer wrote to us:

I used your kit and was very pleased with how easy it was to use. Only one
thing confused me. My test came back 54 and according to the reading
interpretations on the back of your green form, I would be just faintly
positive. Some of the books I have read show that a reading in the 50's is
serious. I am copying Dr. Navarro's email to me about this subject. This
is just for your information.

Dear Our Customer,

This is the same . However, the high levels are usually found in some
cancers like testicular cancer, some uterine cancers(H mole and
choriocarcinoma) and germ cell tumor. However, most other cancers including
liver cancer have results anywhere from 50 to 80 or 90 IU. The test cannot
stage the disease but can serve as a guide to monitor the progress of the
condition especially if done once a month or once every two months. In this
way one can see if a pattern occurs. One must always be concerned if the
result is even in the low 50s. The goal is to see if the result will go down
as a form of response to treatment.

As always, the result must be correlated with the clinical condition like if
with an increase in the level, the tumor size may have increased as well.

Best regards,


Our Customer wrote:

Dear Dr. Navarro,

I found an Interpretation of Readings and was wondering if you can tell me
if this is accurate.

Zero = Negative
1-49 = Doubtful
50-400 = Faintly Positive
401-999 = Definitely Positive
1000-3000 = Moderately Positive
3001-5000 = Markedly Positive
5001-10,000 = Very Markedly Positive
Over 10,000 = Excessively Positive

I'm confused because in some of the books I've read they indicate that
readings in the 50's is a cause of great concern; however, if the above is
true then it is not as bad as they say.

Thank you.

Our Customer

Joe Ball Company Went International!

We sold our first kit internationally this month to Canada. We are currently looking into how we can best bring the kit to the rest of the world. We have trouble shipping our kit by air to other countries due to some of the materials in the kit and are looking at other options.

Book Reviews

Through our own battle with cancer we ended up reading a lot of material and wanted to share which books helped us the most.

1. Cancer-Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

2. A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases & The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson

Cancer-Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

This book was the first book of many that my wife and I read after her breast cancer was discovered that provided clear direction and actions to take while we investigated different treatment paths. Bill Henderson exhorts you to take charge of your own medical care and to take actions that will begin to rid your body of cancer.

The book explains in detail what the issues with today's traditional treatment modalities are, what cancer is, and what actions we must take to avoid or eliminate cancer. He stresses dietary and exercise regimens that will keep the body fit. He even adds a rundown on all different types of therapies and offers his view point on them. The end of the book offers many different resources to go to for increased knowledge and understanding. There is even a series of booklets on diet, exercise, diabetes and eliminating back pain.

Bill provides you with a wealth of references. Right in the very beginning of the book, (page 12), he gives you internet links to alternative and progressive doctors around the world that may be able to meet your needs for medical supervision and treatment. Books, links, phone numbers, are all provided for you to take advantage of to learn, find resources, products, treatments, and even how to get your own blood tests done ( He also tells you about Dr Navarro's HCG urine test to use from your home for evaluating if you have cancer and how your cancer treatment is working.

The thing that made this book most useful to me was the decisive plan of action that Bill outlines in Chapter Five. While my wife and I were being bombarded with suggestions, books, ideas, and well meaning advise from people, we did not feel that we had a clear direction to follow to help ourselves. Bill gives you a plan to follow that is inexpensive and he explains in detail the mechanisms of action that make the plan work. Best of all, he provides you with the sources to buy the supplements and items that you need. The costs of the program he outlines is about $155 per month for about the first 6 to 8 weeks and then about $104 per month thereafter.

Bill has covered a lot of territory in this book. He is obviously someone who has a passion about trying to help others. This is demonstrated by his own actions: from starting his own non-profit entity, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, to having his own web radio show each week on, a monthly newsletter and website, This book is worth reading and keeping as a resource on your shelf as you navigate your way through the challenge that cancer presents.

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases & The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy

This book is fascinating on a couple of different levels. As a caregiver searching desperately for truth among all the books and the conventional wisdom touting the approach to take for helping someone with cancer, this book provides a detailed and scientific basis for exactly what the Gerson Therapy is attempting to accomplish in the human body. This detailed approach appeals to people of technical backgrounds and fills the need for scientific understanding.

The book explains in detail how this approach works and why; detoxification of the body, mainly the liver, restoring the metabolism of the cells in the body through juicing and replenishment with potassium while displacing sodium, and returning the body to health such that it can defend itself against cancer and its re-occurrence. Detailed schedules and instructions for undergoing the therapy are presented for any patient to follow.

Dr Gerson stumbled upon this cancer approach as a result of treating tuberculosis patients. He was opposed to even attempting to treat cancer at all and was harassed continuously by the conventional medical community for his amazing success in treating tuberculosis with this simple dietary approach. The book describes how a lady begged him to treat her for cancer. He made her sign a form relieving him of any responsibility for the outcome, as he had no experience treating cancer.

Two other things were particularly striking to me:

  1. This body of work was done 70 years ago and presented to Congress in 1946. Most of the other approaches to cancer treatment that show success today are a subset of the Gerson approach (Dr Nick Gonzales's work, the Hallelujah Diet, juicing, the Metabolic approach of Dr Kelly's).


  2. Dr Gerson spent years actually observing and treating patients with this approach and fine tuning the various components of it to get it right. He was intimately involved in their care, not like doctors of today, who work from an office and spend very little time with patients.


This book highlights the importance of proper diet, the dangers of environmental toxins and the destruction of the world's soil by pesticide and insecticide use, and gives general knowledge of how to best keep our bodies healthy against all disease, not just cancer. The truth about cancer is in the food that we eat and the way that we treat the environment that we live in.


We have gotten a lot of good feedback this month about our process and have decided to put together an FAQ to help answer some questions we have gotten. If you have any more questions or comments please let us know so we can continue to get better and help more people.

How many tests can we run with your kit?

There is enough materials to run two tests in the kit. We are assuming that you reuse the measuring equipment, glass jar with white lid, the coffee filter cone, and the remaining chemicals provided in the kit.

I would like to pay with my credit/debit card but it seems like I can only pay by check/money order or Paypal and I don't have a Paypal account?

You can still use your credit card. Select Paypal as your payment option. After you click on the “Confirm” on our review page, you will be directed to the Paypal website. There should be two options, Pay with Paypal or Pay with your Debit or Credit Card. Click on pay with your Debit or Credit Card. A form should appear asking for your credit or debit card information. This will allow you to pay without having to sign up for a Paypal account.

I feel uncomfortable about paying online using my credit card. How can I be sure your site is secure?

We have our entire site in https to make sure your information is secure. Https differs from http in the sense that it encrypts the communication from our servers to your computer using a SSL Certificate.

Where do you ship to?

Currently we only ship to the U.S. and Canada. We are currently working on expanding where we can ship the kit.

If you are interesting in helping distribute the kit contact us at

Why do you only provide UPS ground as the only shipping option?

We ship everything by ground because the acetone and 70% isopropyl alcohol in the kit. The handling costs for shipping these materials by air is $50 extra. We have chosen not to provide this as an option because these extra shipping costs seems to be excessive. If you think the shipping costs are reasonable and would like us to provide this option, please contact us at

Can you answer my medical questions?

No. We are not doctors and cannot give out medical advice. If you have any medical questions regarding the test you can email Dr. Navarro at , or your regular physician.