Joe Ball Company Newsletter: February 2011

Joe Ball Going Green

Hello everybody! We wanted to thank you all for your continued support. We have come a long way from the last time we sent out our newsletter and I’d like to tell you about some of the changes we have made. We have become Vitamix® affiliates! The Vitamix® blender maximizes the power of pure nutrition that’s found in fresh, whole foods. The Vitamix machine smashes food fiber, and then cuts it into microscopic pieces to make the rich supply of phytonutrients in whole foods readily available for digestion. This amazing machine juices, cooks soup, makes frozen treats and grinds grain in just minutes and the results are incredibly delicious and highly nutritious. When you use our affiliate code 06-005735 you receive free shipping on your order! Click here to order your Vitamix today. We use the Vitamix blender ourselves everyday to create nutritious green smoothies.  If you haven’t heard of a green smoothie, check out Victoria Butenko’s Green for Life book. We have provided you with a review of the book at the bottom of the newsletter.


Hang that Bucket!


Some of you may have seen that we carry enema equipment! With our bout with health problems, one therapy we ended up using, the Gerson therapy, required enemas for detoxification. We found the enema equipment we provide to be the easiest to use, especially for coffee enemas. Our product line is incomplete at the moment though. The bucket hanger we used is missing! The bucket hanger is essential because it helps to keep the bucket from tipping and spilling everywhere. After having a hard time finding a supplier, we have decided to make them ourselves. Check it out at our website!


Get yourself a free reorder kit!


We have just started to advertise when it struck us that we would rather be giving our money back to you than to some advertising medium. We would like to begin our first promotion where we will be rewarding our customers that refer us to others by giving them a free reorder kit! The only requirement is that you have had a previous order from us. If you find someone you know that could use the HCG Test Kit, tell them of our kit and the website. If they buy the HCG Test Kit and place your name in any of the comments box when they order on our site or mention your name when they order over the phone, we will ship you an HCG reorder kit for free! 


Other Changes to the Website


We have made changes to our site to help make things easier for you.


· We are able to process credit cards now. We teamed up with Intuit and to help make your online transaction safe and secure.

· You no longer have to sign up for an account for our site when you go to checkout.

· We have a new login box at the top right of the site

· Once you login, you can see all your previous orders on your left

· We have also added USPS as a shipping option for you