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HCG Test Kit (contiguous United States only)


This kit makes the whole process of preparing and sending the sample so easy that nobody should ever procrastinate about it again. Everything you need is here. All the steps are clearly defined with text and pictures. I've done three of these tests before. It was always a hassle. How do I know I have the right kind of acetone and alcohol? It's all here in the kit. How do I measure the amounts? The measuring cups in this kit are clearly marked. How do I know I have a good sample when the sediment is the same color as the filter (white)? The filters in this kit are beige -- making it easy to see the sediment. Where and how do I send it? It's all here. I've had these same questions dozens of times about preparing this test sample.

I was so impressed with the ease and thoroughness of this kit that I felt I had to inform my readers about it as soon as possible. The price is very reasonable, especially considering that the kit contains enough for several samples.
Date Added: 09/15/2010 by Bill Henderson