Killing Cancer-Not People (second edition) by Robert G. Wright

Killing Cancer Ė Not People (Second Edition)

 By Robert G. Wright

†I recently read the new Second Edition that Bob Wright has written. The thing that jumps out at you is Bobís passion about his subject. His book is about helping people that have cancer to understand that there are viable options for treatment as well as many resources for getting assistance.

The new Second Edition has about twice as many pages as the first edition and is loaded with information about what you must do if you have cancer. Bob discusses how an oxygen rich, alkaline diet, with the right supplements and ionized water are the enemies of cancer. He goes into detail on each of these, providing explanations of why these are important and gives recommendations as to what products he has used and which ones he thinks are best. 

Killing Cancer - Not People does go through briefly what is wrong and broken with the approved medical approaches to cancer in the United States today, but the book mainly focuses on what you can do and where you can go for help. He discusses cancer testing using the Navarro urine test and about clinics both here and in Mexico that are doing great work for cancer patients. He goes into detail about other natural treatment approaches that people are having success with in treating their cancer.

Bobís passion in life is helping people with cancer get better. He has formed his non-profit, the American Anti Cancer Institute,, in order to coordinate research of non-allopathic cancer treatments, therapies, protocols and supplements. The institute is working on a 40 to 50 acre Anti-Cancer Campus which will include a university and clinic. 

This book is one you should read. Consider contributing to Bobís efforts to make a difference