Green for Life by Victoria Boutenka

Review of Green for Life by Victoria Boutenka

Victoria Boutenka and her family have an amazing story to tell. I first learned of her from my brother, who lives in Ashland Oregon, not far from the Boutenka family. He suggested that I get her book and look into green smoothies. Victoria Boutenka recommends that we all drink one quart of green smoothies a day. Her 30 day challenge is to everyone out there that they try this for one month without any other changes to their normal diet and observe the dramatic effects. This books speaks of the remarkable effects that this has had for her family and the many people that she has worked with to help them to restore their health and thus their quality of life.

The Boutenka family was in desperate need of change. Her husband, Igor, had been ill throughout his life and was suffering from hypothyroidism, arthritis, constant fatigue. His doctors were telling him that his death was looming and he might be spending the rest of his life in a wheel chair. Victoria was suffering from irregular heart beat, edema in her legs, and obesity which she could not control. She was constantly tired and depressed. Daughter Valya, had asthma and allergies and son Sergei was suffering from Type 1 juvenile diabetes. She describes how they switched to a raw food diet and all of these ailments, not some, ALL, went away.

Her transition to add green smoothies came when after several years on the raw food diet, she felt that they were all beginning to regress in health a bit. In August of 2004, she began to blend greens with fruit. Why not? Thus, the beginning of her journey with green smoothies.

The book then goes on to detail the nutritious value of greens, how to make numerous green smoothies with recipes galore, and compares the nutritional value of organic produce against non-organic produce. She shows how greens are very rich in protein, have high nutritional value and are lower in carbohydrates. Not only CAN we be getting protein from greens, we SHOULD be getting our protein from greens. The proteins that we get from meat are complex and difficult for the body to break down and utilize. The fresh enzymes and amino acids in greens are much easier for the body to assimilate into proteins.

Greens provide the fiber for complete elimination, stomach acid support for complete digestion, and drinking green smoothies help you to absorb nutrients more efficiently and in more abundance than in any other way. This is critical for us all when we are trying to put our bodies into a healthy condition where it can heal and repair itself when it must.

This book drove our family to take action. We went and bought a Vitamix machine and took Victoria's challenge: Drink one quart of green smoothies for every day for a month and see how it makes a difference for you. My wife, son and I took the challenge and I tell you, we are still drinking our quart a day today. We have more energy and even look much healthier since we started doing this.

Read this book and learn about another great approach to being healthy . Green Smoothies are not only refreshing, but they give you a wonderful sense of well being, similar to when you have finished eating a healthy meal. You know that you just did something good for your body. You feel satisfied, energized, and like you just got an infusion of zest.

We are believers! Go Green for Life!