Cancer-Free: Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing

Cancer-Free Your Guide to Gentle, Non-Toxic Healing by Bill Henderson

This book was the first book of many that my wife and I read after her breast cancer was discovered that provided clear direction and actions to take while we investigated different treatment paths. Bill Henderson exhorts you to take charge of your own medical care and to take actions that will begin to rid your body of cancer.

The book explains in detail what the issues with today's traditional treatment modalities are, what cancer is, and what actions we must take to avoid or eliminate cancer. He stresses dietary and exercise regimens that will keep the body fit. He even adds a rundown on all different types of therapies and offers his view point on them. The end of the book offers many different resources to go to for increased knowledge and understanding. There is even a series of booklets on diet, exercise, diabetes and eliminating back pain.

Bill provides you with a wealth of references. Right in the very beginning of the book, (page 12), he gives you internet links to alternative and progressive doctors around the world that may be able to meet your needs for medical supervision and treatment. Books, links, phone numbers, are all provided for you to take advantage of to learn, find resources, products, treatments, and even how to get your own blood tests done ( He also tells you about Dr Navarro's HCG urine test to use from your home for evaluating if you have cancer and how your cancer treatment is working.

The thing that made this book most useful to me was the decisive plan of action that Bill outlines in Chapter Five. While my wife and I were being bombarded with suggestions, books, ideas, and well meaning advise from people, we did not feel that we had a clear direction to follow to help ourselves. Bill gives you a plan to follow that is inexpensive and he explains in detail the mechanisms of action that make the plan work. Best of all, he provides you with the sources to buy the supplements and items that you need. The costs of the program he outlines is about $155 per month for about the first 6 to 8 weeks and then about $104 per month thereafter.

Bill has covered a lot of territory in this book. He is obviously someone who has a passion about trying to help others. This is demonstrated by his own actions: from starting his own non-profit entity, the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, to having his own web radio show each week on, a monthly newsletter and website, This book is worth reading and keeping as a resource on your shelf as you navigate your way through the challenge that cancer presents.

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