A Cancer Therapy by Dr. Max Gerson

A Cancer Therapy: Results of Fifty Cases & The Cure of Advanced Cancer by Diet Therapy

This book is fascinating on a couple of different levels. As a caregiver searching desperately for truth among all the books and the conventional wisdom touting the approach to take for helping someone with cancer, this book provides a detailed and scientific basis for exactly what the Gerson Therapy is attempting to accomplish in the human body. This detailed approach appeals to people of technical backgrounds and fills the need for scientific understanding.

The book explains in detail how this approach works and why; detoxification of the body, mainly the liver, restoring the metabolism of the cells in the body through juicing and replenishment with potassium while displacing sodium, and returning the body to health such that it can defend itself against cancer and its re-occurrence. Detailed schedules and instructions for undergoing the therapy are presented for any patient to follow.

Dr Gerson stumbled upon this cancer approach as a result of treating tuberculosis patients. He was opposed to even attempting to treat cancer at all and was harassed continuously by the conventional medical community for his amazing success in treating tuberculosis with this simple dietary approach. The book describes how a lady begged him to treat her for cancer. He made her sign a form relieving him of any responsibility for the outcome, as he had no experience treating cancer.

Two other things were particularly striking to me:

  1. This body of work was done 70 years ago and presented to Congress in 1946. Most of the other approaches to cancer treatment that show success today are a subset of the Gerson approach (Dr Nick Gonzales's work, the Hallelujah Diet, juicing, the Metabolic approach of Dr Kelly's).


  2. Dr Gerson spent years actually observing and treating patients with this approach and fine tuning the various components of it to get it right. He was intimately involved in their care, not like doctors of today, who work from an office and spend very little time with patients.


This book highlights the importance of proper diet, the dangers of environmental toxins and the destruction of the world's soil by pesticide and insecticide use, and gives general knowledge of how to best keep our bodies healthy against all disease, not just cancer. The truth about cancer is in the food that we eat and the way that we treat the environment that we live in.

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